We sell a variety of high-quality cannabis products.

As an indigenous-owned medical cannabis company, a crucial part of Med Man’s mission is to help support Indigenous communities with education. We strive to help our communities become more independent, working towards becoming a self-sufficient and sovereign nation.

As part of our commitment to this mission, we offer a wide range of products that our customers can use for traditional treatments, unwind, or improve their overall wellbeing.

Our Ice Cream strain is an obvious choice for those with an insatiable sweet tooth, with 60% indica, 40% sativa, and a 20% THC content. If you prefer something with a bite, try the anise-flavoured Velvet Sky.

While indica strains often induce a sense of calm, sativa strains are widely known for improving focus and motivation. If you want to get motivated to deep-clean the bathroom or finish your book, try our perfectly balanced hybrid MAC Stomper, with 50% sativa and 50% Indica strains. Whether you’re nervous before a big party or just need emotional support, a hit of MAC Stomper can help. It may also bring more positive emotions to the forefront.

Purple Punch (5)


Our Cannabis Range Includes Strains of 100% Indica, Sativa & Several Hybrids.


Indica is a strain known for its relaxing benefits, and potent strains of Indica can quickly send you to bed. Other strains mix Indica and sativa and are wonderful for self-introspection or a relaxed night at home with your partner

Slurricane (3)


At Med Man, we offer Slurricane, Purple Punch, DO-SI DOS & Sour Secret.


All variants on potent Sativa strains. While Slurricane and Purple Punch are better for those struggling to get to bed, DO-SI DOS and Sour Secret are ideal for winding down before bed and taking your mind off the stress of your day.

Ice Cream Strain (3)


Cake Crasher is another one of our Hybrid Strains, which comes from Two Hybrid Parent strains


Wedding Crasher and Wedding Cake. Like MAC Stomper, you’ll get a burst of motivation. However, Cake Crasher is best for finding your creativity groove, whether you want to doodle, knit a new scarf, or create a funny Tik-Tok.

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