3 Reasons to Choose Med Man's Indigenous Cannabis
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3 Reasons to Choose Med Man’s Medicated Cannabis 

At Med Man, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality strains to our customers. By following the seven Grandfathers’ teachings, we stay true to our heritage and commit ourselves to encourage our community to become independent.

Choosing Med Man’s indigenous cannabis helps support our community and means you receive a higher quality product made with the experience of centuries.


1. It’s Steeped in Tradition

Indigenous communities have used cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes for centuries. Med Man builds on that tradition, using a combination of traditional and modern techniques to create excellent flower for your consumption.


2. You Support a Marginalized Community

Indigenous communities in Canada have long experienced discrimination, resulting in financial and social problems in the communities. Indigenous-run companies like Med Man seek to support these communities by hiring locally and promoting education and community resources.


3. We Have a Range of Excellent Strains

There are many reasons you might want to try cannabis, from encouraging a good night’s rest to helping you focus on an important project. At Med Man, we have several 100% Indica strains, including Purple Punch and Slurricane, both of which help you get to bed.


We also have a wide range of hybrids on both ends of the spectrum. Our Velvet Sky has more indica than sativa and is perfect for a contemplative evening listening to your favourite album. At 50% indica and 50% sativa, our MAC Stomper provides the perfect mix of increased focus and relaxation.


Choose Med Man For Your Cannabis

Whether you want to improve your quality of life or want to clear your head, Med Man has a strain for you. Head to our online store to learn about our different strains and what each can do for your wellbeing.

If you aren’t sure which strain suits your lifestyle and needs best, reach out to our team. We’re happy to guide you through our products, answering any questions you have about how to prepare cannabis or when to take a hit.



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