About Us

Med Man is an indigenous-owned medical cannabis company. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality medicinal cannabis products — from flowers to CBD edibles to tinctures and more — to aid and manage our customers’ wellbeing.

Our mission is to help support indigenous communities by educating them on the traditional medicinal benefits of cannabis. Beyond improving education around medicinal cannabis, we are committed to supporting Indigenous communities by helping them become more independent, self-sufficient, and sovereign nations.

At Med Man, we root our business practices in and pay homage to the teachings passed down from our elders. We believe the creator gave the Seven Grandfathers the responsibility of watching over the people.

Part 1: Chief Del Riley and Rob Stevenson discuss Aboriginal Rights and Cannabis

Chief Del Riley stopped in Alderville First Nation for a visit and tour of Medicine Wheel and Red Feather Laboratories. While there he joined Robert Stevenson for a discussion about Aboriginal Rights and cannabis.

Part 2: Chief Del Riley and Medicine Wheel owner Rob Stevenson discuss cannabis and Band Councils

Chief Riley and Rob Stevenson discuss the role of Band Councils in Indigenous economic development and challenges facing the Indigenous cannabis industry.

National Aboriginal Day Rally at the Batchewana Police Station

The Seven Grandfathers Teachings

By following their teachings, they can help guide us in our indigenous way of life.

  • Minwaadendamowin — Respect

To respect someone or something, we must get to know that being on a deeper level. Respect is an important teaching that develops when we take the time to establish deeper relationships, and like love, respect is reciprocal — you must give respect to receive it.

  • Zaagidiwin — Love

One of the greatest teachers is love. To love others, we must first love ourselves and understand that love is unconditional. Once we love ourselves and give love freely, we find that, like respect, it comes back to us.

  • Debwewin — Truth

The teachings of truth are tightly connected to the other six teachings. To be honest with oneself and others, we must not deceive ourselves and others and speak from a place of truth.

  • Aakodewewin — Bravery

To possess courage and show mental and moral strength in the face of danger or fear is to be brave. Bravery means standing up for what is right, regardless of the consequences. Whether you’re refraining from turning a blind eye to unjust actions or speaking up when you may very well face retaliation, these are acts of bravery.

  • Nibwaakawin — Wisdom

Wisdom is a gift that grants us sound judgement, knowledge, and experience to help us make wise decisions and choices. Seeking the guidance of our elders helps us draw on their wisdom when we need it most.

  • Miigwe ‘aadiziwin — Generosity

To stand together and help one another thrive, we all have the ability to give and share what we have. Being liberal in our giving to help one another is an important teaching in the indigenous way of life.

  • (Jenu) Dibaadendiziwin — Humility

We maintain the belief that, as a people, we must reflect and do the best we can to live by these teachings to create genuine change. As we change as individuals, we become part of the change for all of us as a unified people.

The Med Man Way

These important teachings represent our values as a company and guide the way we treat our staff and customers. With every product you buy from Med Man, you know you’re buying a high-quality product that stems from and supports these cardinal teachings.