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We are currently accepting new clients. Please read over the information on this page before attempting to use our online store. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.


You will receive full instructions in your email upon placing an order using our online store. We will ship your order once the payment has been confirmed.


Med Man is an indigenous-owned medical cannabis company. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality medicinal cannabis products — from flowers to CBD edibles to tinctures and more — to aid and manage our customers’ wellbeing.

Our mission is to help support indigenous communities by educating them on the traditional medicinal benefits of cannabis. Beyond improving education around medicinal cannabis, we are committed to supporting Indigenous communities by helping them become more independent, self-sufficient, and sovereign nations.

At Med Man, we root our business practices in and pay homage to the teachings passed down from our elders. We believe the creator gave the Seven Grandfathers the responsibility of watching over the people.

How to Pay



This is the fastest and most convenient way to pay.

Where to send the E-Transfer: Check your email for full instructions after placing an order through our online store, or contact us.

Mail Order


We are only accepting blank (no payee name) money orders at this time.

Please keep your receipts in case there is a problem. You can get a money order at any Western Union, Money Mart, or Post Office.

Where to mail the Money Order: Check your email for full instructions after placing an order through our online store, or contact us.


(3) CASH

Sending cash is risky! If you send cash, put the bills in a thick card or in some folded paper, and use fewer, larger bills instead of many small ones. Use $50 and $100 bills instead of a stack of $10’s and $20’s. Don’t send coins.

It is best to use an Xpresspost envelope when sending cash, and KEEP A RECORD OF YOUR TRACKING NUMBER so that if a problem does arise we have the necessary information to sort things out.

Where to mail cash: Check your email for full instructions after placing an order through our online store, or contact us.



Send your payment via regular mail or Canada Post Xpresspost only. Do not send by Fedex, UPS, or other courier. Also do not send by registered mail or anything we’d have to sign for.

We recommend that you spend the extra few dollars to send your order by Xpresspost, which is traceable, faster, and safer than regular mail. Especially if you are sending cash in the mail please use the Xpresspost!

Please put your return address on your envelope! Not putting a return address on your envelope does not increase security, it only increases the chance of your envelope getting lost.

We will notify you by email once your order has been shipped.