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Med Man’s 3 Best Cannabis Strains

At Med Man, we offer only the best medicinal cannabis to give you a killer high, sweet aromas and delicious flavors to enjoy. Whatever your cravings, and no matter the occasion, we have a cannabis strain for you. From sweet to sour, here are Med Man’s three best cannabis strains.


1. Ice Cream

Got a sweet tooth? Skip the ice cream and go straight for our Ice Cream strain. Composed of 60% indica and 40% sativa, this hybrid gives you the best of both worlds, wrapped up in deliciously smooth vanilla and candied fruit flavour.

Whether you want a special treat to celebrate a birthday or a delectable flower to help you relax in the evenings, the Ice Cream strain  is a fantastic choice. For a relaxing body high, mood boost, or to spark your creativity, this sweet strain is just the ticket.


2. Slurricane

Like a hurricane, Slurricane high washes over you quickly, but unlike a tropical storm, you’ll feel nothing but calm. This predominantly Indica cannabis flower comes from crossing the popular DO-SI DOs and Purple Punch strains and aids in relaxation.

This tropical intrusion of flavors offers hints of sugary berries and subtle grapes, and you’ll find the flower’s nuggets even resemble oversized grapes. This strain is well-suited for the evening when you want to wind down after a long or stressful day.


3. MAC Stomper

For a great daytime or nighttime strain, look no further than MAC Stomper. This hybrid combines Grape Stomper OG and Miracle Allen Cookies’ potent strains for a perfectly balanced strain.

The terpenes give this flower an aroma that’s both sweet and sour. Take this in the morning or evening for a fast-acting, full-body high to boost your mood or help put you at ease.


Try More Med Man Strains

While these strains rank among the best, Med Man offers a wide range of cannabis strains to suit any palate. Choose from our great selection of hybrids online to tickle your taste buds and find the perfect high.

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