Rebranding Cannabis as Plant Medicine
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Rebranding Cannabis as Plant Medicine

As the legalization of cannabis becomes more common, growers and distributors are rebranding their products to reflect its medicinal properties. They are looking to rid the plant of its association with hippies and counterculture and move it into the category of plant medicine, where it belongs.


Medicinal History of Cannabis

Cannabis has been used as a medicinal remedy for thousands of years. As far back as 2900 BCE, there are references to “ma,” the Chinese word for marijuana, as a medical treatment. Ancient Egyptians used marijuana to treat eye problems and inflammation. In North America, Indigenous peoples used cannabis to treat various ailments and in religious ceremonies.


Criminalization and Negative Associations

In 1923, Canada criminalized majrijuana. The United States followed suit in 1937. After marijuana became illegal, its medical properties fell to the wayside. Government propaganda created an association between marijuana, laziness, mental illness, and immorality.


Modern Cannabis as Plant Medicine

The resurgence that marijuana is plant medicine is undoing harmful associations formed in recent years. Current research shows numerous medical uses for marijuana, such as:


  • Easing nerve pain
  • Managing weight-loss
  • Treating glaucoma
  • Reducing symptoms of PTSD


With the recent progress in decriminalizing marijuana in Canada and parts of the U.S., retailers can finally market cannabis products appropriately. They no longer have to appeal to the typical underground crowd. Instead, they can rightfully name marijuana as plant medicine and offer it to anyone who can benefit from its proven medicinal properties.


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