The Indigenous Right to Cannabis as a Medicine
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The Indigenous Right to Cannabis as a Medicine

Treaties and land rights protect the sovereignty of Canada’s indigenous people. But when it comes to current cannabis legislation, the Canadian parliament has not consulted with indigenous groups before enacting the 2018 Cannabis Act, resulting in a disregard for the spiritual and medicinal needs of indigenous people.


Indigenous Cannabis Rights

Indigenous and aborignal rights are protected under the Canadian Constitution. Indigenous leaders believe they have the right to produce and sell cannabis as part of their land rights. The National Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association (NIMCA) was formed recently to represent the rights of indigenous communities and people.

NIMCA works alongside the Canadian government and law enforcement to advocate for indigenous cannabis rights. Their goal is to protect and advance the indigenous cannabis industry and the use of cannabis as medicine within indigenous communities.


Why Medicinal Cannabis is Important

Cannabis is a traditional form of medicine used to treat various ailments and health problems. Cannabis can reduce pain and discomfort caused by illnesses. It helps control nausea and increase appetite. Cannabis can also make you feel more calm and relaxed.

Medicinal cannabis is highly regarded as an alternative to opioid medications. Opioids are common prescription medications used to treat pain from medical procedures and chronic illnesses.

This medication can have harsh side effects, including an increased risk of addiction. People who are worried about becoming addicted to opioids can treat their symptoms with medicinal cannabis instead.


Indigenous Medicinal Cannabis

Indigenous-run cannabis businesses use traditional practices to grow high-quality medicinal cannabis. Med Man, an indigenous-run cannabis company, sells various strains and cannabis products to treat your ailments. Our indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains enhance your sense of happiness and wellbeing, allowing you to relax fully.

We also offer CBD gummies made from high-quality distillate to help manage your conditions. We understand the importance of providing natural and non-addictive medicines within the indigenous community and beyond.




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