The Role of Primary Healthcare Nurse Practitioner in Indigenous Communities
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Why Indigenous Primary Healthcare is Important

Indigenous communities are spread widely throughout Canada, with some located in remote areas that are difficult to access. These communities can be small and lack essential services commonly found in larger towns and provinces. This includes limited access to the medical services primary care doctors usually provide.

It’s hard to attract and retain doctors in rural areas, and many communities are too spread out for doctors to service. Indigenous communities rely on nurse practitioners to provide essential health care instead.


Why Indigenous Primary Healthcare is Important

People living in indigenous communities are more at risk for developing certain diseases and having worse health outcomes. There are higher rates of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease within indigenous communities.


Residents need access to primary care to treat and manage their chronic conditions. They also benefit from public health measures that educate residents and help prevent them from developing serious diseases.


Indigenous residents without access to doctors or reliable primary healthcare suffer worse health outcomes. Using nurse practitioners as primary healthcare providers helps close healthcare gaps and better serves the needs of Canada’s indigenous peoples.


Role of Nurse Practitioners in Indigenous Communities

Using nurse practitioners increases the accessibility and quality of healthcare available to indigenous people. Nurse practitioners work in many rural and isolated First Nations communities to provide primary healthcare services for residents. They are often the primary provider of medical care, and in the most remote communities, they can be the only healthcare provider.


Nurse practitioners provide essential services such as physicals, immunizations, disease prevention measures, and management of illnesses to indigenous community members of all ages. They are responsible for providing routine care and emergency care within their community. Nurse practitioners work with patients to improve their health.


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